The members of 23kg50lb met within an international arts collaboration course at their respective Fine Arts Universities. Intent on continuing the project of global collaborative approaches to making artworks, the members founded 23KG50LB. The Collective's name refers to the maximum weight-allowance of baggage on most commercial flights.

Using the Internet as a medium of communication, members of the collective are able to converse, share, and propose new ideas for creative collaborative artworks. Sometimes artists create works independently. Other times a project requires one artist to respond to another’s artwork. Regardless, a dialogue shaped by cross-cultural differences and similarities begins to develop. And in the end, a fusion of international and cultural perspective occurs.

23kg50lb aims to create collaborative artworks, publications, and exhibitions that bring together the cultures and ideas of its members and communities. The Collective is intent on fostering rewarding local and international partnerships that help bridge together emerging artists with a global platform.


e: 23kg50lb@gmail.com

fb: 23kg50lb

ig: 23kg50lb